Shopping Guide for Games on BSD

(based on OpenBSD; should apply similarly to other *BSD)


fnaify 98
hashlink 3
HumblePlay 7
GemRB 4
ScummVM 14
ResidualVM 3
libGDX 2
romextract 1
Ren'Py 9
Godot 1
Total 211


13 games are currently on sale on Steam.

47 games are currently on sale on

0 games are currently on sale on HumbleBundle.

Game Setup Runtime Store Links Instructions Genres Release Year
A Virus Named Tom fnaify HumbleBundle HumbleBundle with soundtrack saving the game is currently defective Puzzle 2012
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome HumblePlay HumbleBundle Demo on HumbleBundle store page 2011
Aedemphia easyrpg Developer webpage (FREE) Reddit post RPG
Airships: Conquer the Skies lwjgl lwjgl (-20%) copy and* (as into java.library.path RTS 2018
Akane the Kunoichi fnaify Steam Platformer 2014
Always Sometimes Monsters HTML5 (-80%) Steam open index.html in www subdirectory (Linux version) RPG 2014
Amazing Princess Sarah fnaify Steam Platformer 2014
Apotheon fnaify HumbleBundle (-75%) Platformer Brawler 2015
Apple Jack 1&2 fnaify Steam Platformer 2017
Aquaria AquariaOSE Steam Action 2007
Arx Fatalis arx-libertatis Steam RPG 2002
Atom Zombie Smasher fnaify mono Developer Page Steam fnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibs zombies
Axiom Verge fnaify Epic Games Store saving not possible with Steam version Metroidvania 2015
Baldur's Gate 2 gemrb (-70%) widescreen mod via weidu RPG 2000
Baldur's Gate gemrb (-70%) widescreen mod via weidu RPG 1998
Barony barony HumbleBundle Dungeoncrawler 2015
Beneath a Steel Sky scummvm (FREE) alternatively '# pkg_add bass' Adventure 1994
Bird Assassin fnaify mono Steam 2011
Bleed 2 fnaify HumbleBundle Action Platformer 2017
Bleed fnaify HumbleBundle Action Platformer 2012
Breath of Death VII fnaify Steam RPG 2011
Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror scummvm (-80%) version includes the original Adventure 1997
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars scummvm (-80%) version includes the original Adventure 1996
Brushwood Buddies fnaify Steam Puzzle 2016
Burning Knight fnaify mono Steam runtime is buggy, frequent crashes indie open-source
Caesar 3 julius (-35%) 1998
Cannon Fodder 2 openfodder 1994
Cannon Fodder openfodder 1993
Capsized fnaify (-75%) HumbleBundle Action Platformer 2011
Celeste fnaify mono HumbleBundle Steam fnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibs,Jumpnrun Platformer"
Chaos Heart fnaify Ludum Dare (with link to free download) [direct download]
Charlie Murder fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Brawler 2017
Chasm fnaify (-65%) HumbleBundle Steam Metroidvania 2018
CometStriker fnaify Steam Action 2018
Command & Conquer: Red Alert openra OpenRA can automatically download the freeware version RTS 1996
Command & Conquer openra OpenRA can automatically download the freeware version RTS 1995
CrossCode HTML5 HumbleBundle Steam uses local browser storage; concern that this could break the game (not observed so far) ARPG 2018
Cryptark fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Roguelite Twinstick Action 2017
Cthulhu Saves the World fnaify Steam RPG 2011
Curse of the Crescent Isle DX fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Platformer 2015
Dad Quest fnaify Developer Webpage HumbleBundle Steam Platformer In Development
Dead Cells hashlink hashlink (-35%) HumbleBundle Steam Roguelite Platformer 2018
Dead Pixels II fnaify Developer Webpage Steam In Development
Dead Pixels fnaify Developer Website Steam As of 2020-01-03 recent Steam versions fail to run with API_RunCallback
symlinks for mono 6 (which lacks MONO_IOMAP)
Action 2012
Democracy 3 HumblePlay HumbleBundle Simulation 2013
Descent II dxx-rebirth (-20%) Steam FPS 1996
Descent dxx-rebirth (-20%) Steam FPS 1995
Diablo devilutionx ARPG 1997
Diehard Dungeon fnaify mono Steam needs libCSteamworks stub Action Roguelite 2012
Doki Doki Literature Club! renpyify Ren'Py Steam Visual Novel 2017
Doom chocolate-doom | gzdoom HumbleBundle Steam (-60%) FPS 1994
Doppelganger fnaify mono Developer Page (FREE) Download the Linux version and delete the line with libOpenCL in OpenTK.dll.config Action
Downfall AGS Developer webpage (-80%) HumbleBundle Steam (-75%) Adventure 2016
Draw A Stickman: EPIC fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Puzzle 2013
Dune 2000 openra OpenRA can automatically download the freeware version RTS 1998
Dust: An Elysian Tail fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Metroidvania 2013
Dustforce DX HumblePlay HumbleBundle Platformer 2012
EXAPUNKS fnaify mono (-50%) HumbleBundle Steam fnaify >= 3.0 puzzle 2018
Eagle Island fnaify mono 2019
Eliza fnaify mono HumbleBundle Steam fnaify >= 3.0 2019
Elliot Quest HTML5 HumbleBundle Steam uses NW.js; run by unzipping file 'app', then opening index.html in a browser; no sound though indie
Escape Goat 2 fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Puzzle Platformer 2014
Escape Goat fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Puzzle Platformer 2012
Escape from Monkey Island residualvm Adventure 2000
Evoland Legendary Edition hashlink hashlink Steam RPG 2019
Explosionade fnaify Steam Platformer 2015
FEZ fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Puzzle Platformer 2013
FTL HumblePlay HumbleBundle Demo available on Roguelite Strategy 2012
Fatal Twelve renpyify ren'py Steam 2018
Fist Puncher fnaify (-90%) HumbleBundle Steam Brawler 2013
Flinthook fnaify Steam Roguelite Platformer 2017
Flotilla fnaify Developer page Steam Strategy 2010
Forest Secret: Mystery of the Frost libgdx libgdx (FREE) brynet's setup script Adventure 2018
Freespace 2 fs2open (-20%) Steam not available as package, build from ports tree classic
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers scummvm (-35%) Steam (-35%) Adventure 1993
Game Type fnaify Steam currently defective 2015
Gateways fnaify (-70%) Developer page Steam Puzzle Platformer 2012
Glitchangels fnaify mono Steam Action 2020
Grand Class Melee 2 fnaify Steam 2018
Grimm's Hollow easyrpg (FREE) 2019
Growing Pains fnaify Steam Platformer 2014
HackNet fnaify (-85%) HumbleBundle Steam web component not working; multiple editions available (Complete; Ultimate) Hacking Puzzle 2015
HeXen: Beyond Heretic gzdoom Steam FPS 1995
HeXen II uhexen2 Steam FPS 1997
Hedon gzdoom Steam 2019
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders gzdoom Steam FPS 1994
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 fheroes2 TBS 1996
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok AGS Developer webpage Steam RPG 2013
Highway Blossoms Ren'Py (-30%) HumbleBundle Steam Visual Novel 2016
Hive fnaify Steam Puzzle 2013
Hiveswap Friendsim renpyify ren'py Steam Reddit post 2018
Hyphen fnaify Steam ,Puzzle" 2015
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream scummvm (-50%) Steam (-25%) Adventure 1995
Ib easyrpg Developer webpage (FREE) Reddit post Video 2012
Icewind Dale gemrb (-70%) RPG 2000
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis scummvm Steam Adventure 1994
Ion Fury eduke32 Publisher Physical (-60%) Steam use eduke32 with Ion Fury patch FPS 2019
Jagged Alliance 2 ja2-stracciatella (-50%) Steam TBS RPG 1999
Jam and the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky Mansion Ren'Py Adventure 2019
Jazz Jackrabbit openjazz Action Platformer 1994
Jon Shafer's At the Gates fnaify Developer page HumbleBundle Steam buggy (upstream, not port)
Lands of Lore - The Throne of Chaos scummvm RPG 1993
LaserCat fnaify Steam Platformer 2012
Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle Steam Reddit post Video 2016
Little Racers STREET fnaify Developer webpage Steam needs a stub for to run Racing 2012
Long Live the Queen renpyify Ren'Py (-70%) needs tweaks to apply before running the game 2012
Loom scummvm Adventure 1990
Master of Orion 1oom (-60%) TBS 1993
Mega Man Legacy Collection romextract mednafen HumbleBundle Steam Platformer 2015
Mercenary Kings fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Action 2014
Micro Mages NES emulator 2019
MidBoss fnaify mono HumbleBundle Steam (-67%) fnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibs indie
Minecraft minecraft Developer Page Sandbox 2011
Molek-Syntez fnaify mono HumbleBundle Steam fnaify >= 3.0 puzzle 2019
Mount Your Friends fnaify Steam Puzzle 2014
Myst III: Exile residualvm (-50%) Adventure 2001
Myst scummvm (-50%) Adventure 1993
NeuroVoider fnaify mono HumbleBundle Steam fnaify >= 3.0 Roguelite Twinstick Action 2016
Northgard hashlink hashlink (-70%) HumbleBundle Steam needs hlsteam-stub to run RTS 2018
One Finger Death Punch fnaify Steam Action 2014
Open Sorcery Steam Reddit post 2017
Opus Magnum fnaify mono HumbleBundle Steam fnaify >= 3.0 puzzle 2017
Osmos HumblePlay HumbleBundle 2009
Overdriven Reloaded fnaify Steam Shmup 2016
Owlboy fnaify (-70%) HumbleBundle Steam Metroidvania 2016
Paladin fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Action 2017
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 fnaify Steam RPG 2012
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 fnaify Steam RPG 2013
Phoenix Force fnaify Steam Action 2014
Planescape: Torment gemrb (-70%) widescreen mod via weidu RPG 1999
PlanetFriend fnaify (FREE) Simulation 2020
Postal postal HumbleBundle Steam Action 1997
Press X to Not Die fnaify HumbleBundle Steam FMV 2017
Primal Light godot Steam run with 'godot --main-pack primal-light.pck' Platformer 2020
Primordia AGS Steam Adventure 2012
Quake III Arena ioquake3 HumbleBundle Steam FPS 1999
Quake II yquake2 (-60%) HumbleBundle Steam (-60%) FPS 1997
Quake quakespasm | ezquake | vkquake (-60%) HumbleBundle Steam (-60%) FPS 1996
Quest for Infamy AGS HumbleBundle Steam Adventure 2014
Retro City Rampage DX dosbox HumbleBundle Steam Action 2012
Return to Castle Wolfenstein iorctw iortcw FPS 2001
Rex Rocket fnaify Steam Action Platformer 2014
Riven scummvm untested Adventure 1997
Rogue Legacy fnaify (-80%) HumbleBundle Steam Roguelite Metroidvania 2013
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 openrct2 HumbleBundle Steam Simulation 2002
RollerCoaster Tycoon openrct2 HumbleBundle Steam Simulation 1999
Ruggnar fnaify mono In Development
SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics mednafen Steam HumbleBundle 2010
SUMICO - The Numbers Game fnaify Steam (-39%) mojoshader >= 1214 Puzzle 2015
Salt and Sanctuary fnaify HumbleBundle Steam (-75%) Action Platformer 2016
Sam & Max Hit the Road scummvm Adventure 1993
Session Seven fnaify Steam (free) bug on saving reported 2019
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries 7kaa (-60%) HumbleBundle Steam (-48%) RTS 1998
Shipwreck fnaify Steam ARPG 2014
Signs of Life fnaify mono Steam In Development
Skulls of the Shogun fnaify Steam TBS 2013
Slay the Spire libgdx libgdx (-66%) HumbleBundle Steam (-66%) Use the libgdx-openbsd repo; detailed instructions in
Or simply run which does all of this for you.
Roguelite Deckbuilder 2019
Solaroids: Prologue fnaify Steam only demo/trial version because game uses DRM not addressed by Steamworks.NET.dll stub Action In Development
Soulcaster I & II fnaify HumbleBundle Steam 2012
SpaceChem fnaify mono puzzle 2011
SpeedRunners fnaify HumbleBundle Steam no online Multiplayer and no gamepad support Platformer 2016
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy openjk HumbleBundle Steam Action 2003
Stardew Valley fnaify (-20%) HumbleBundle Steam Farming Simulation 2016
Strife: Veteran Edition gzdoom | strife-ve (-65%) FPS 1996
Suits: A Business RPG easyrpg Steam Video Reddit post Setup instructions 2016
Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius renpyify Ren'Py Visual Novel 2014
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure fnaify Developer page Steam 2013
Super Bernie World fnaify Steam Platformer 2020
Super Blood Hockey fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Linux version doesn't work with gamepad at the moment Sports 2017
Super Hexagon HumblePlay HumbleBundle Puzzle 2012
Super Ninja Warrior Extreme fnaify Developer Page (free download) [direct download] Platformer
Super Rad Raygun fnaify Steam Action Platformer 2016
Sword of the Stars: The Pit fnaify (-75%) HumbleBundle Steam Roguelite 2013
System Shock shockolate shockolate (-85%) only works with the Classic Edition Immersive Sim 1994
Tales of Maj'Eyal tome4 HumbleBundle Steam RPG 2012
Tanglewood mednafen Steam Platformer 2018
Terraria fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Sandbox 2011
The Adventures of Shuggy fnaify Developer page Steam Puzzle Platformer 2012
The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne renpyify ren'py Steam Video Reddit post 2016
The Blackwell Epiphany AGS (-70%) Adventure 2014
The Cat Lady AGS HumbleBundle Adventure 2012
The Dig scummvm Adventure 1995
The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile fnaify HumbleBundle Steam (-68%) Brawler 2017
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind openmw RPG 2002
The Expression Amrilato renpyify Ren'Py (-35%) if voices get interrupted, try out Interrupt voices during playback toggle; untested
The Great Adventurer fnaify (FREE) Platformer 2019
The Longest Journey residualvm (-60%) Adventure 1999
The Settlers II returntotheroots RTS 1996
The Settlers freeserf hard to find the game RTS 1994
The Shivah AGS (-70%) Adventure 1993
The Useful Dead fnaify Developer Page (NOT REACHABLE as of 2020-Dec-11) Puzzle 2013
Theia: The Crimson Eclipse easyrpg GameJolt (FREE) RPG 2019
Theme Hospital corsixth Simulation 1997
Timespinner fnaify (-30%) HumbleBundle Steam Metroidvania 2018
Titan Attacks! lwjgl Developer Webpage (choose Humble Store option to purchase DRM-free version) Steam fix launch script to use system java (and ksh); have libopenal in LD_LIBRARY_PATH Action 2006
Toonstruck scummvm (-20%) untested Adventure 1996
TowerFall: Ascension fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Action Platformer 2014
Tyrian 2000 opentyrian (FREE) Shmup 1995
Ultra Hat Dimension fnaify mono 2015
Ultratron lwjgl lwjgl Developer Webpage Steam copy /usr/local/share/lwjgl/ into game directory, fix the launch script to use system java
Unexplored fnaify Steam (-50%) mojoshader >= 1214 Action 2017
Unholy Heights fnaify Playism HumbleBundle Steam no audio (because of xWMA?) 2013
Weapon of Choice fnaify Steam Platformer 2015
WizOrb fnaify HumbleBundle Steam RPG 2011
Wrath: Aeon of Ruin wrath-darkplaces HumbleBundle Steam FPS In Development
Wyv and Keep fnaify HumbleBundle Steam Puzzle Platformer 2013
X-Com: UFO Defense (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown) openxcom HumbleBundle Steam TBS 1994
Yume Nikki easyrpg Playism (FREE) Steam (FREE) 2004
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders scummvm Adventure 1988
Zen Bound 2 HumblePlay HumbleBundle Puzzle 2010

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