Shopping Guide for Games on BSD

(based on OpenBSD; should apply similarly to other *BSD)


fnaify 98
hashlink 3
HumblePlay 7
GemRB 4
ScummVM 14
ResidualVM 3
libGDX 2
romextract 1
Ren'Py 9
Godot 1
Total 211


8 games are currently on sale on Steam.

74 games are currently on sale on

2 games are currently on sale on HumbleBundle.

GameSetupRuntimeStore LinksInstructionsGenresRelease Year
A Virus Named TomfnaifyHumbleBundle HumbleBundle with soundtracksaving the game is currently defectivePuzzle2012
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the AwesomeHumblePlayHumbleBundleDemo on HumbleBundle store page2011
AedemphiaeasyrpgDeveloper webpage (FREE)Reddit postRPG
Airships: Conquer the itch.iocopy and* (as into java.library.pathRTS2018
Akane the KunoichifnaifySteamPlatformer2014
Always Sometimes Steam (-75%)open index.html in www subdirectory (Linux version)RPG2014
Amazing Princess SarahfnaifySteamPlatformer2014
ApotheonfnaifyHumbleBundle (-75%)Platformer Brawler2015
Apple Jack 1&2fnaifySteamPlatformer2017 SteamAction2007
Arx (-50%) SteamRPG2002
Atom Zombie SmasherfnaifymonoDeveloper Page Steamfnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibszombies
Axiom VergefnaifyEpic Games Store Ebay.comsaving not possible with Steam versionMetroidvania2015
Baldur's Gate (-50%)widescreen mod via weiduRPG2000
Baldur's (-75%)widescreen mod via weiduRPG1998 HumbleBundleDungeoncrawler2015
Beneath a Steel (FREE)alternatively '# pkg_add bass'Adventure1994
Bird AssassinfnaifymonoSteam2011
Bleed 2fnaifyHumbleBundleAction Platformer2017
BleedfnaifyHumbleBundleAction Platformer2012
Breath of Death VIIfnaifySteamRPG2011
Broken Sword II: The Smoking (-40%) version includes the originalAdventure1997
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the (-50%) version includes the originalAdventure1996
Brushwood SteamPuzzle2016
Burning Steamruntime is buggy, frequent crashesindie open-source
Caesar (-35%)1998
Cannon Fodder (-75%)1994
Cannon (-75%)1993 (-75%) HumbleBundleAction Platformer2011 HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibs,Jumpnrun Platformer"
Chaos HeartfnaifyLudum Dare (with link to free download) [direct download]
Charlie MurderfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamBrawler2017 (-60%) HumbleBundle Steam (-50%)Metroidvania2018
Command & Conquer: Red AlertopenraOpenRA can automatically download the freeware versionRTS1996
Command & ConqueropenraOpenRA can automatically download the freeware versionRTS1995 (-30%) HumbleBundle Steamuses local browser storage; concern that this could break the game (not observed so far)ARPG2018 (-75%) HumbleBundle SteamRoguelite Twinstick Action2017
Cthulhu Saves the WorldfnaifySteamRPG2011
Curse of the Crescent Isle HumbleBundle SteamPlatformer2015
Dad QuestfnaifyDeveloper Webpage HumbleBundle SteamPlatformerIn Development
Dead (-40%) HumbleBundle SteamRoguelite Platformer2018
Dead Pixels IIfnaifyDeveloper Webpage SteamIn Development
Dead PixelsfnaifyDeveloper Website SteamAs of 2020-01-03 recent Steam versions fail to run with API_RunCallback
symlinks for mono 6 (which lacks MONO_IOMAP)
Democracy 3HumblePlayHumbleBundleSimulation2013
Descent (-66%) SteamFPS1996 (-66%) SteamFPS1995 (-15%)ARPG1997
Diehard DungeonfnaifymonoSteamneeds libCSteamworks stubAction Roguelite2012
Doki Doki Literature Club!renpyifyRen' SteamVisual Novel2017
Doomchocolate-doom | (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamFPS1994
DoppelgangerfnaifymonoDeveloper Page (FREE)Download the Linux version and delete the line with libOpenCL in OpenTK.dll.configAction
DownfallAGSDeveloper webpage (-85%) HumbleBundle SteamAdventure2016
Draw A Stickman: EPICfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamPuzzle2013
Dune 2000openraOpenRA can automatically download the freeware versionRTS1998
Dust: An Elysian HumbleBundle SteamMetroidvania2013
Dustforce DXHumblePlayHumbleBundlePlatformer2012 (-50%) HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0puzzle2018
Eagle (-15%)2019 (-50%) HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.02019
Elliot QuestHTML5HumbleBundle Steamuses NW.js; run by unzipping file 'app', then opening index.html in a browser; no sound thoughindie
Escape Goat HumbleBundle SteamPuzzle Platformer2014
Escape HumbleBundle SteamPuzzle Platformer2012
Escape from Monkey (-65%)Adventure2000
Evoland Legendary Editionhashlinkhashlink SteamRPG2019 SteamPlatformer2015
FEZfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamPuzzle Platformer2013
FTLHumblePlayHumbleBundleDemo available on humblebundle.comRoguelite Strategy2012
Fatal Twelverenpyifyren'pySteam2018
Fist HumbleBundle SteamBrawler2013
FlinthookfnaifySteamRoguelite Platformer2017
FlotillafnaifyDeveloper page SteamStrategy2010
Forest Secret: Mystery of the (FREE)brynet's setup scriptAdventure2018
Freespace (-30%) Steamnot available as package, build from ports treeclassic
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the (-35%) SteamAdventure1993
Game TypefnaifySteamcurrently defective2015 (-60%) Developer page SteamPuzzle Platformer2012
Grand Class Melee 2fnaifySteam2018
Grimm's (FREE)2019
Growing PainsfnaifySteamPlatformer2014 (-80%) HumbleBundle Steam (-80%)web component not working; multiple editions available (Complete; Ultimate)Hacking Puzzle2015
HeXen: Beyond HereticgzdoomSteamFPS1995
HeXen IIuhexen2SteamFPS1997 (-15%) Steam2019
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent RidersgzdoomSteamFPS1994
Heroes of Might and Magic (-75%)TBS1996
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of RagnarokAGSDeveloper webpage SteamRPG2013
Highway BlossomsRen' (-66%) HumbleBundle Steam (-66%)Visual Novel2016
Hiveswap Friendsimrenpyifyren'pySteam (-51%)Reddit post2018
I Have No Mouth And I Must (-65%) SteamAdventure1995
IbeasyrpgDeveloper webpage (FREE)Reddit post Video2012
Icewind (-50%)RPG2000
Indiana Jones and the Fate of (-65%) SteamAdventure1994
Ion Furyeduke32Publisher Physical Steamuse eduke32 with Ion Fury patchFPS2019
Jagged Alliance (-80%) SteamTBS RPG1999
Jam and the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky MansionRen'Pyitch.ioAdventure2019
Jazz (-80%)Action Platformer1994
Jon Shafer's At the GatesfnaifyDeveloper page HumbleBundle Steambuggy (upstream, not port)
Lands of Lore - The Throne of (-75%)RPG1993 SteamPlatformer2012
Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana SteamReddit post Video2016
Little Racers STREETfnaifyDeveloper webpage Steamneeds a stub for to runRacing2012
Long Live the QueenrenpyifyRen' (-75%)needs tweaks to apply before running the game2012 (-65%)Adventure1990
Master of (-50%)TBS1993
Mega Man Legacy CollectionromextractmednafenHumbleBundle SteamPlatformer2015
Mercenary KingsfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamAction2014
Micro MagesNES emulatoritch.io2019 HumbleBundle Steam (-67%)fnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibsindie
MinecraftminecraftDeveloper PageSandbox2011 (-50%) HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0puzzle2019
Mount Your FriendsfnaifySteamPuzzle2014
Myst III: (-60%)Adventure2001 (-60%)Adventure1993 (-75%) HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0Roguelite Twinstick Action2016 (-60%) HumbleBundle Steamneeds hlsteam-stub to runRTS2018
One Finger Death PunchfnaifySteamAction2014
Open SteamReddit post2017
Opus (-50%) HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0puzzle2017
Overdriven ReloadedfnaifySteamShmup2016 (-40%) HumbleBundle SteamMetroidvania2016
PaladinfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamAction2017
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3fnaifySteamRPG2012
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4fnaifySteamRPG2013
Phoenix ForcefnaifySteamAction2014
Planescape: (-50%)widescreen mod via weiduRPG1999 (FREE)Simulation2020 HumbleBundle SteamAction1997
Press X to Not DiefnaifyHumbleBundle SteamFMV2017
Primal LightgodotSteamrun with 'godot --main-pack primal-light.pck'Platformer2020 SteamAdventure2012
Quake III (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamFPS1999
Quake (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamFPS1997
Quakequakespasm | ezquake | (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamFPS1996
Quest for (-80%) HumbleBundle SteamAdventure2014
Retro City Rampage HumbleBundle SteamAction2012
Return to Castle (-50%)iortcwFPS2001
Rex RocketfnaifySteamAction Platformer2014 (-60%)untestedAdventure1997
Rogue (-75%) HumbleBundle SteamRoguelite Metroidvania2013
RollerCoaster Tycoon HumbleBundle SteamSimulation2002
RollerCoaster HumbleBundle SteamSimulation1999
Ruggnarfnaifymonoitch.ioIn Development
SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis ClassicsmednafenSteam HumbleBundle (-75%)2010
SUMICO - The Numbers Steammojoshader >= 1214Puzzle2015
Salt and SanctuaryfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamAction Platformer2016
Sam & Max Hit the (-65%)Adventure1993
Session SevenfnaifySteam (free)bug on saving reported2019
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient (-80%) HumbleBundle SteamRTS1998 SteamARPG2014
Signs of LifefnaifymonoSteamIn Development
Skulls of the (-60%) SteamTBS2013
Slay the (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamUse the libgdx-openbsd repo; detailed instructions in
Or simply run which does all of this for you.
Roguelite Deckbuilder2019
Solaroids: ProloguefnaifySteamonly demo/trial version because game uses DRM not addressed by Steamworks.NET.dll stubActionIn Development
Soulcaster I & IIfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam2012
SpeedRunnersfnaifyHumbleBundle Steamno online Multiplayer and no gamepad supportPlatformer2016
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi (-65%) HumbleBundle SteamAction2003
Stardew HumbleBundle (-20%) SteamFarming Simulation2016
Strife: Veteran Editiongzdoom | (-65%)FPS1996
Suits: A Business SteamVideo Reddit post Setup instructions2016
Sunrider: Mask of ArcadiusrenpyifyRen'PyGOG.comVisual Novel2014
Super Amazing Wagon AdventurefnaifyDeveloper page Steam2013
Super Bernie SteamPlatformer2020
Super Blood HockeyfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam (-75%)Linux version doesn't work with gamepad at the momentSports2017
Super HexagonHumblePlayHumbleBundlePuzzle2012
Super Ninja Warrior ExtremefnaifyDeveloper Page (free download) [direct download]Platformer
Super Rad SteamAction Platformer2016
Sword of the Stars: The (-75%) HumbleBundle SteamRoguelite2013
System (-75%)only works with the Classic EditionImmersive Sim1994
Tales of Maj' (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamRPG2012 SteamPlatformer2018 (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamSandbox2011
The Adventures of ShuggyfnaifyDeveloper page SteamPuzzle Platformer2012
The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Brownerenpyifyren'pySteamVideo Reddit post2016
The Blackwell EpiphanyAGSGOG.comAdventure2014
The Cat LadyAGSHumbleBundleAdventure2012
The (-65%)Adventure1995
The Dishwasher: Vampire SmilefnaifyHumbleBundle SteamBrawler2017
The Elder Scrolls III: (-50%)RPG2002
The Expression AmrilatorenpyifyRen' (-35%)if voices get interrupted, try out Interrupt voices during playback toggle; untested
The Great (FREE)Platformer2019
The Longest (-60%)Adventure1999
The Settlers (-75%)RTS1996
The Settlersfreeserfhard to find the gameRTS1994
The ShivahAGSGOG.comAdventure1993
The Useful DeadfnaifyDeveloper Page (NOT REACHABLE as of 2020-Dec-11)Puzzle2013
Theia: The Crimson EclipseeasyrpgGameJolt (FREE)
Theme (-75%)Simulation1997 HumbleBundle SteamMetroidvania2018
Titan Attacks!lwjglDeveloper Webpage (choose Humble Store option to purchase DRM-free version) Steamfix launch script to use system java (and ksh); have libopenal in LD_LIBRARY_PATHAction2006 (-30%)untestedAdventure1996
TowerFall: HumbleBundle SteamAction Platformer2014
Tyrian (FREE)Shmup1995
Ultra Hat Dimensionfnaifymonoitch.io2015
UltratronlwjgllwjglDeveloper Webpage Steamcopy /usr/local/share/lwjgl/ into game directory, fix the launch script to use system java
UnexploredfnaifySteammojoshader >= 1214Action2017
Unholy Playism HumbleBundle Steamno audio (because of xWMA?)2013
Weapon of ChoicefnaifySteamPlatformer2015
WizOrbfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamRPG2011
Wrath: Aeon of (-20%) HumbleBundle SteamFPSIn Development
Wyv and KeepfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam (-90%)Puzzle Platformer2013
X-Com: UFO Defense (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown) (-75%) HumbleBundle SteamTBS1994
Yume NikkieasyrpgPlayism (FREE) Steam (FREE)
Zak McKracken and the Alien (-65%)Adventure1988
Zen Bound 2HumblePlayHumbleBundlePuzzle2010

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