Shopping Guide for Games on BSD

(based on OpenBSD; should apply similarly to other *BSD)


fnaify 95
hashlink 3
HumblePlay 7
GemRB 4
ScummVM 14
ResidualVM 3
libGDX 2
romextract 1
Ren'Py 7
Total 205


6 games are currently on sale on Steam.

2 games are currently on sale on

3 games are currently on sale on HumbleBundle.

0 games are currently on sale on

GameSetupRuntimeStore LinksInstructionsGenresRelease Year
A Virus Named TomfnaifyHumbleBundle HumbleBundle with soundtracksaving the game is currently defectivepuzzle
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the AwesomeHumblePlayHumbleBundleDemo on HumbleBundle store page
AedemphiaeasyrpgDeveloper webpage (FREE)Reddit post
Airships: Conquer the itch.iocopy and* (as into java.library.pathRTS
Akane the KunoichifnaifySteam
Always Sometimes Steamopen index.html in www subdirectory (Linux version)
Amazing Princess SarahfnaifySteam
ApotheonfnaifyHumbleBundle GOG.complatformer brawler
Apple Jack 1&2fnaifySteam Steam
Arx SteamRPG
Atom Zombie SmasherfnaifymonoDeveloper Page Steamfnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibs
Axiom VergefnaifyEpic Games Store Ebay.comsaving not possible with Steam versionmetroidvania
Baldur's Gate 2gemrbGOG.comwidescreen mod via weiduRPG
Baldur's GategemrbGOG.comwidescreen mod via weiduRPG HumbleBundleFPS dungeoncrawler
Beneath a Steel (FREE)alternatively '# pkg_add bass'adventure
Bird AssassinfnaifymonoSteam
Bleed 2fnaifyHumbleBundleaction
Breath of Death VIIfnaifySteamRPG
Broken Sword version includes the originaladventure
Broken version includes the originaladventure
Brushwood Steam (-83%)
Burning Steamruntime is buggy, frequent crashes
Cannon Fodder
Cannon HumbleBundleplatformer HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibs,jumpnrun platformer"
Chaos HeartfnaifyLudum Dare (with link to free download) [direct download]
Charlie MurderfnaifyHumbleBundle Steambrawler HumbleBundle Steam (-50%)metroidvania
Command & Conquer: Red AlertopenraOpenRA can automatically download the freeware versionRTS HumbleBundle Steamuses local browser storage; concern that this could break the game (not observed so far)ARPG HumbleBundle Steamtwinstick
Cthulhu Saves the WorldfnaifySteamRPG
Curse of the Crescent Isle HumbleBundle Steamplatformer
Dad QuestfnaifyDeveloper Webpage HumbleBundle Steamplatformer
Dead HumbleBundle (-40%) Steam
Dead Pixels IIfnaifyDeveloper Webpage Steam
Dead PixelsfnaifyDeveloper Website SteamAs of 2020-01-03 recent Steam versions fail to run with API_RunCallback
symlinks for mono 6 (which lacks MONO_IOMAP)
Democracy 3HumblePlayHumbleBundle
Descent SteamFPS SteamFPS
Doki Doki Literature ClubRen' Steam
Doomchocolate-doom | HumbleBundle SteamFPS1994
DownfallAGSDeveloper webpage HumbleBundle Steamadventure
Draw A Stickman: EPICfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam
Dust: An Elysian HumbleBundle Steammetroidvania
Dustforce DXHumblePlayHumbleBundleplatformer HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0puzzle
Eagle HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0
Elliot QuestHTML5HumbleBundle Steamuses NW.js; run by unzipping file 'app', then opening index.html in a browser; no sound thoughindie
Escape Goat HumbleBundle Steampuzzle platformer
Escape HumbleBundle Steampuzzle platformer
Escape from Monkey IslandresidualvmGOG.comadventure
Evoland Legendary Editionhashlinkhashlink Steam Steam
FEZfnaifyHumbleBundle Steampuzzle
FTLHumblePlayHumbleBundleDemo available on humblebundle.comstrategy
Fatal TwelverenpySteam
Fist HumbleBundle Steambrawler
FlotillafnaifyDeveloper page Steam
Forest Secret: Mystery of the (FREE)brynet's setup script
Freespace Steamnot available as package, build from ports tree
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Steamadventure
Game TypefnaifySteam Developer page Steampuzzle platformer
Grand Class Melee 2fnaifySteam
Grimm's (FREE)
Growing PainsfnaifySteam HumbleBundle Steamweb component not working, multiple editions available (Complete,hacking"
HeXen: Beyond HereticgzdoomSteamFPS
HeXen IIuhexen2SteamFPS Steam
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent RidersgzdoomSteamFPS
Heroes of Might and Magic 2fheroes2GOG.comTBS
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of RagnarokAGSDeveloper webpage Steam
Highway BlossomsRen' HumbleBundle Steamvisualnovel
Hiveswap Friendsimrenpyifyren'pySteamReddit post
I Have No Mouth And I Must Steamadventure
IbeasyrpgDeveloper webpage (FREE)Reddit post Video
Icewind DalegemrbGOG.comRPG
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Steamadventure1994
Ion Furyeduke32Publisher Physical Steamuse eduke32 with Ion Fury patchFPS
Jagged Alliance SteamTBS RPG
Jam and the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky MansionRen'
Jazz JackrabbitopenjazzGOG.complatformer
Jon Shafer's At the GatesfnaifyDeveloper page HumbleBundle SteamTBS
Lands of Lore - The Throne of ChaosscummvmGOG.comRPG Steam
Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana SteamReddit post Video
Little Racers STREETfnaifyDeveloper webpage Steamneeds a stub for to runracing
Long Live the QueenrenpyifyRen'PyGOG.comneeds tweaks to apply before running the game
Master of Orion1oomGOG.comTBS
Mega Man Legacy CollectionromextractmednafenHumbleBundle Steam
Mercenary KingsfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam
Micro MagesNES HumbleBundle Steam (-75%)fnaify >= 3.0, fnaify-extralibsdungeoncrawler indie roguelite
MinecraftminecraftDeveloper Page HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0puzzle
Mount Your FriendsfnaifySteam
Myst IIIresidualvmGOG.comadventure
MystscummvmGOG.comadventure HumbleBundle Steamfnaify >= 3.0twinstick HumbleBundle Steam (-50%)needs hlsteam-stub to runRTS
One Finger Death PunchfnaifySteamaction
Open SteamReddit post2017
Opus HumbleBundle (-50%) Steamfnaify >= 3.0puzzle
Overdriven ReloadedfnaifySteamshmup HumbleBundle Steammetroidvania
PaladinfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3fnaifySteamRPG
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4fnaifySteamRPG
Phoenix ForcefnaifySteam
Planescape: TormentgemrbGOG.comwidescreen mod via weiduRPG (FREE) HumbleBundle Steamaction
Press X to Not DiefnaifyHumbleBundle Steam (-70%)FMV Steamadventure
Quake HumbleBundle SteamFPS
Quake HumbleBundle SteamFPS
Quakequakespasm | ezquake | HumbleBundle SteamFPS
Quest for HumbleBundle Steamadventure
Retro City Rampage HumbleBundle Steam
Return to Castle WolfensteiniortcwGOG.comFPS
Rex RocketfnaifySteamplatformer
Rogue HumbleBundle Steammetroidvania
Rollercoaster Tycoon HumbleBundle Steam
Rollercoaster HumbleBundle Steam
SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis ClassicsmednafenSteam HumbleBundle
SUMICO - The Numbers Steammojoshader >= 1214puzzle
Salt and SanctuaryfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam
Sam & Max Hit the RoadscummvmGOG.comadventure
Session SevenfnaifySteam (free)bug on saving reported
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient HumbleBundle Steam (-60%)RTS SteamARPG
Signs of LifefnaifymonoSteam
Skulls of the SteamRTS
Slay the HumbleBundle SteamUse the libgdx-openbsd repo; detailed instructions in
Or simply run which does all of this for you.
Solaroids: ProloguefnaifySteamonly demo/trial version because game uses DRM not addressed by Steamworks.NET.dll stub
Soulcaster I & IIfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam
SpeedRunnersfnaifyHumbleBundle (-75%) Steamno online Multiplayer and no gamepad support
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi HumbleBundle Steamaction
Stardew HumbleBundle Steamfarming sim
Strife: Veteran Editiongzdoom | strife-veGOG.comFPS
Suits: A Business SteamVideo Reddit post Setup instructions
Sunrider: Mask of ArcadiusRen'
Super Amazing Wagon AdventurefnaifyDeveloper page Steam
Super Bernie Steam
Super Blood HockeyfnaifyHumbleBundle SteamLinux version doesn't work with gamepad at the moment
Super HexagonHumblePlayHumbleBundlepuzzle
Super Ninja Warrior ExtremefnaifyDeveloper Page (free download) [direct download]
Super Rad Steamplatformer
Sword of the Stars: The (-75%) HumbleBundle Steam
System ShockshockolateshockolateGOG.comonly works with the Classic Edition
Tales of Maj' (-50%) HumbleBundle SteamRPG Steamplatformer HumbleBundle Steam
The Adventures of ShuggyfnaifyDeveloper page Steamplatformer
The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Brownepython2SteamVideo Reddit post
The Blackwell EpiphanyAGSGOG.comadventure
The Cat LadyAGSHumbleBundleadventure
The DigscummvmGOG.comadventure
The Dishwasher: Vampire SmilefnaifyHumbleBundle Steambrawler
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindopenmwGOG.comRPG
The Expression AmrilatoRen'PyGOG.comif voices get interrupted, try out Interrupt voices during playback toggle; untested
The Great (FREE)
The Longest JourneyresidualvmGOG.comadventure
The Settlers IIreturntotherootsGOG.comRTS
The SettlersfreeserfRTS
The ShivahAGSGOG.comadventure
The Useful DeadfnaifyDeveloper Pagepuzzle
Theia: The Crimson EclipseeasyrpgGameJolt (FREE)
Theme HumbleBundle Steammetroidvania
Titan AttackslwjglDeveloper Webpage (choose Humble Store option to purchase DRM-free version) Steamfix launch script to use system java (and ksh); have libopenal in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Towerfall: HumbleBundle Steamplatformer
Tyrian (FREE)shmup
Ultra Hat
UltratronlwjgllwjglDeveloper Webpage Steamcopy /usr/local/share/lwjgl/ into game directory, fix the launch script to use system java
UnexploredfnaifySteammojoshader >= 1214
Unholy Playism HumbleBundle Steamno audio (because of xWMA?)
Weapon of ChoicefnaifySteam
WizOrbfnaifyHumbleBundle Steam
Wrath: Aeon of HumbleBundle SteamFPS
Wyv and KeepfnaifyHumbleBundle Steampuzzle platformer
X-Com: UFO Defense (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown) HumbleBundle SteamTBS
Yume NikkieasyrpgPlayism (FREE) Steam (FREE)
Zak McKracken and the Alien MindbendersscummvmGOG.comadventure
Zen Bound 2HumblePlayHumbleBundlepuzzle

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